You've probably been asking a lot of questions about STRATEGY over the years... 

"What is the STRATEGY that will take me from where I am to where I want to go?"

Here, we are asking a different question: 

"Who do you need to BE to take YOURSELF where you want to go?"

As an entrepreneur the MOST powerful asset you have to create the life you want is... 

YOU. So let's get you optimized. 
And that is what has been missing.
A simple, holistic, integrated approach to doing life and business YOUR WAY. Until Now.
Here’s the deal: You’ve already rapidly built your business. Over the past few years, you’ve spent MOST of your waking hours building this thing from the ground up. And you should be proud of yourself for that accomplishment.
What didn’t get much of your focus and attention was your health, your relationships, your energy, and your overall well-being. So you now find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, not enough hours in the day, a complex business, and near burn out. And you can’t stand it being this way any longer.

This is about learning to do whatever it takes (while maintaining self-care, time for family and other important (essential!) priorities in your life, to build a ridiculously awesome business that is 100% authentic, aligned, and congruent with who you are at a soul level.

It’s about being a leader in your field and blazing a trail for doing things YOUR WAY.
You come with experience. And you’re a visionary.
You will feel like a rock solid entrepreneur when you install the structures, habits and routines that you can do on a daily or weekly basis to really transform the quality of your life.

Because what we know to be true is that you can’t ONLY have success in one single area of your life and live a whole life.

You will learn the HIGH-PERFORMANCE HABITS that boost productivity in the most efficient and effective way, allowing you to get farther, faster.

Yes we’re going to talk about your sleep, your relationships, your food, your digestion, your hobbies, exercise, and friendships… 

You aren’t just an entrepreneur. You are a WHOLE HUMAN. And the whole human must be served in the journey to creating the life that you want, and ultimately the best version of you.
You will grow and get insight into how you can reach the next level without so much burnout or frustration or challenge. 
Sure, you could keep doing exactly what you are doing and keep getting the exact results that you’ve been getting for months and months (or years and years!).

(You know, invest in another facebook marketing course or read another stack of self-help books or something….) ;)

You could take another course with 132 modules and MAYBE get some results somewhere down the road…

Or… You could choose IN right now. To. YOURSELF.
"This woman is a serious rockstar. She’s a mom, wife, and she’s rocking TWO successful businesses. But even with all of that she is the most genuine, down to earth, keeping-it-real #ladyboss I’ve met. She truly has a heart for her clients and is the perfect example #communityovercompetition and goes above and beyond to see her client’s be successful"

— Annette Stephenson
"Megan is the real-deal. In a sea of “marketers” and “fixers”, Megan stands in integrity and is always willing to give above and beyond to those who are willing to show up. Her own alignment and living on purpose is what ignites her clients to do the same. She stands firm and consistent for YOU to find your voice. She will not waiver on this and certainly supported me and pushed me to find mine."

— Carri Adcock
This is not a one-size-fits-all invitation.
This about You CUSTOMIZING your ideal life and running a business that supports that life
As a strategic high-performance consulting team, we’ve got you covered… from strategy to confidence to consistency to accountability. We don’t think you need more information. We think you need greater abundance, and joy, and love, and connection, and contributions in your life.
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"I entered Shawn’s program while going through some issues in my personal life which caused my productivity to come to a screeching halt.

The structure of Shawn’s program helped me to define and/or redefine my life’s priorities and create a structured plan to get me back on track mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Since working with Shawn, I have been able to redirect lost or wasted time into my professional life, reengage in my physical development, cleanse my body of some bad habits, cleanse my mind of thoughts and doubts that had been holding me back, and significantly increase the time devoted to activities that would benefit me.

This program has refocused me on accentuating and repeating the good habits and I can say I feel great!!

I would highly recommend this program because I was able to tailor it to ME.
The priorities I define, the action steps I personally set, the time I spend on those is tracked and I’m personally accountable to myself and to Shawn.

It feels amazing to regain and exceed my own expectations and I’m thankful for Shawn for helping me. Time well spent. Thank you, Shawn!"

— Sean Allen
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