Welcome to your invitation to be an Extraordinary Success. 

Being extraordinary though? Embracing EXCELLENCE as your driving force? It all comes from investing in yourself, what you do and why you do it.

You see... if you want an extraordinary life, and an extraordinary business... 

Get ready to embrace extraordinary ACTIONS in your life.

The way you eat. The way you think. The way you make decisions. The way you invest in yourself and your relationships… These ALL impact your experience of success. What are your real core values that make you who you are?

And how does that all DRIVE you toward the life you want to live? 
That’s where Structured Freedom comes in…
Structured Freedom was created because we realized to have true freedom you have to have structure in your life...and that is in ALL areas of your life. Running an empire while sacrificing your health, relationships and creativity is the old school way of doing business.

The grind, the destroys a person from the inside out. Most people never see the struggle until it’s too late. 

Until they have to go to the doctor because there is something mentally and physically destroying every part of who they are.   

You have ONE life. All of the roles you play in that life matter. Yes, you’re an entrepreneur and/or business owner. But we are guessing you became one to create a life of greater abundance, freedom, happiness, and contributions...not to become a workaholic and compromise everything else in the name of creating some form of financial security. 
And here’s the TRUTH about the work that we do: when you put YOU back in your life, when you put YOU before your business… 
Your Life + Your Business. Will. Quantum. Leap.
"In the time I have been working with Shawn I have not only become a better leader but a happier person as well.

I have been able to implement the things he has been teaching me into real life application and saw immediate results. It has been eye opening to see how the small details can make such a big difference.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is an entrepreneur, business owner or leader."

— Sarah Dawdy
I’ve always wanted to assist people, so I studied exercise science and wellness, went to massage therapy school, and got to understand people’s fears by watching and looking at their bodies - their skin, posture, and tension imbalances, most of which are stress related. 

I noticed that most of the time when people are motivated to get in physical shape, they wanted to fix the outside to look pretty but internally felt a mess. 

I became certified in mindset coaching and started using it with my personal training clients, and started to get 30-40% increase in results even beyond the time when people were working with me. 

I enjoy helping people discover the really little tweaks that have a big impact. 

After watching and working with professional athletes, I saw the difference that inner motivation makes to performance and began studying energy. When I had my own personal health challenges, I defied the doctors and integrated holistic health in my own way using visualization and self care, healing completely with no scar tissue. I realized mindset has a significant role in how mindset can guide your life.

I was a highschool teacher. I always did what I was told growing up, following what my parents wanted me to do. 
I had no clue who I was, what I was interested in or what I wanted to do. 

I didn’t think I was good enough to be what I thought I wanted to be. It took me until my 30s to figure out who I am as an individual. I loved teaching, but I was struggling financially, leaning on my parents, and working 70-80 hours a week. 

I was a workaholic. When my daughter was born, I left my job and in that moment I didn’t believe I could have a career and be a good mom. But it spurred a journey of self-discovery, to find who I am in the world and who I want to be. I started questioning everything I’d been told by society, and that was deeply challenging for me. 

I learned how to re-wire my brain, letting go of what I was taught. I decided to take coaching certification because of what I knew it would teach me about myself - and I knew this was a way I could help people. I’ve been pioneering my own path, the opposite of what my parents told me I was supposed to do, and I’m now ok with doing what I’m meant to do in the world. I live the way I want to live and break myself free from the box I used to live in.

“The issues in your life are simply being reflected as issues in your business. Clean up the issues in your life, and set your business free.”  
Our work will positively impact you this way:
  •  Your physical health gets better so you can actually be here to ENJOY your life.
  •  Your quality of sleep becomes better knowing that your WHOLE life is on track. You’re not lying awake at night wondering what neglected area of your life is about to fall apart.
  •  You’re more fun to be around, you enjoy yourself more as well as being around other people because you release the unbearable pressure pretending everything’s ok in exchange for taking care of ALL aspects of your life.
  •  People wonder what’s different about you because you look different, you sound different, and you act different. There is nothing more radiant than living in complete and total INTEGRITY, and it shows.
  •  Your energy is UP. When you live from a place of being proactive instead of reactive your energy reserves are always full because things are taken care of.
  •  When your energy and attitude change - your entire business will LEAP and change, and impact all areas of your life. You and your beliefs are the center of your life. Everything flows outward from you. So when you’re at your best, so is your business.
  •  Your decisions will be CLEARER so that you may take quick action with decisiveness and clarity because your energy and attitude is living and breathing in every single thing you do.

“You don’t have a traffic problem, a lead problem or a sales problem. You have a DECISION problem.”
We are here to literally inspire you...
Through action, strategy and a dose of tough love, to BREAK THROUGH to the next level of SUCCESS.

The one you know is waiting for you… right around the next corner. 

And let’s be honest… If you knew how to get there on your own you would be there already. You’re smart. And smart people know what they don’t know. 

And do whatever it takes to learn it. 

Because when you know what needs to change? 

You can change it.
What do you need to know?
You don’t need another business course and quite frankly, you’re not looking for one. In fact, you probably already have your business building and marketing bases covered. 

What you need is more AMBITION in other areas of your life beyond your business.

It’s not that you don’t know what to do. It’s not that you don’t have any tools.

You simply need to DECIDE. 

You need Accountability. You need Recognition. You need Consistency. 

You need Direction to know that you’re making the right choices for your long-term success.

And that’s why you belong HERE.
  •  This is about SOUL FIRST...leading your life and business by design, with full presence, and aligned with your purpose.
  •  And then it’s about developing GOOD HABITS... the amplifier for momentum. 
  •  This is about being a LEADER... so that you can lead by example in ALL areas of your life and have the endurance to play the long-game.
  •  And then it’s about IMPACT... fuelling your mind, body and spirit to increase your productivity, progress and performance.
This is a very simple process. 

The simplest things are what we often push to the side because it doesn’t appear to have the quick and fast impact... BUT, actually... it DOES.
“FREEDOM isn't FREE. The price?  STRUCTURE.”  
Who this IS for:
  •   Entrepreneurs and leaders who are getting overwhelmed and burned out as they try to rapidly grow their business.
  •   People who know that there is a future waiting for them that is extraordinary
  •   Those who prefer simple strategies that WORK over hiding in complexity
  •   Anyone fully committed to creating a highly successful, scalable business and life to go with it over the long-term and put in the work to have it.
  •   Someone who desires to set and work for ambitions in EVERY area of life, not just in business
“We do what we do because it’s the right thing to do.”
- Shawn & Megan Huber
"Megan and Shawn are a powerhouse couple dedicated to your success all the while living their values of clarity, focus, intention, and structure. They give you the structure you are craving to be the best version of yourself, for your work, your family, and most importantly for the Spirit within you screaming to be set free. Hiring them to mentor me was one of the best decisions I made in 2017!"

— Sarah Sparks

"In a sea of coaches and consultants, Megan stands out as a mentor who is focussed on meeting you where you are and helping you achieve the business results you desire, quickly and with simplicity. She works with you to uplevel the skills you need to attain these results in a short space of time. She cares about her clients and it shows in the value she brings to your business. More than just a mentor, Megan stands out as the business partner you need to take your business to the next level!"

— Shari Mubarak
So, now YOU get to answer this for yourself:
Is it because you know it’s time to go ALL IN, not just on your business growth, but in elevating your level of growth across all areas of your life? 

Is it because you know it’s time to decide to FEEL YOUR BEST and develop a plan that you’re really excited about?

Is it because you recognize that there is “something” going on inside of you that is holding you back and slowing you down? (And it might not be a glitch in your business, but a life glitch)
Then, it’s time to do what it takes to actually give yourself the most epic LIFE + BUSINESS you’ve always known was possible.
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