What’s the difference between a Professional Athlete and an Entrepreneur?

Nothing. You have to have everything in your life working at exceptional levels.
In our years of experience working with entrepreneurs, CEO’s and top athletes, we have honed in on SIX things you need to grow to your next level of success.
  • A Focal Point: You need to set ambitions in all areas of your life, stay on track and consistently move forward without falling off the tracks and having to start over again.
  •  The Right Tools: You need to know HOW to get to where you want to go and the specific steps to take to get you where you want to go in the way that you want to get there. 
  •  Courage: There is a mindset element in learning how to take decisive and consistent action in the face of fear, fatigue, or frustration. In order to achieve goals in your life and business, you have to develop the courage to take the steps it requires to get to where you want to go no matter what. 
  •  Alignment: You must create the space to listen to your own inner guidance and wisdom. It is from the place of true alignment where momentum and long-term success takes place. 
  •  Strategy: Once you're clear on exactly what direction to go in, you'll use strategies that work for you to amplify your results.
  •  High Performance Habits: If you want to create an extraordinary life, you better be operating at maximum efficiency. From how you are optimizing your nutrition, sleep-habits, morning and evening routines and daily practices and habits, it's vital that you begin to treat YOURSELF like a prized athlete. 
It’s TIME for you to reach that new edge, to go for that next level, to install the strategies and habits that you can do to transform the quality of your life.
Master YOURSELF to Master Your BUSINESS 

Master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others.

Mediocrity is no longer an option.
MOMENTUM is a 12-week excellence incubator
You'll be learning, integrating and layering a series of high-impact practices, behaviors and habits into your life.
  •  What really drives your behavior, shapes your thoughts, and defines your identity and happiness
  •  Create new mental frameworks for success; overcome fear and doubt; become more confident; and develop greater capacity for joy, success, resilience, and love personally and professionally
  •  Effective well-being strategies, meditations, exercise routines, healthy eating plans, and modern recovery tools. 
  •  You’ll master the ability to generate energy, fight off fatigue, reduce stress, increase mental stamina, and promote longevity. 
  •  You’ll learn vitality skills that will give you the internal power needed for a long, healthy, motivated life.
  •  Productivity training for achieving your dreams 10x faster through how you manage your day, get more done, organize projects, evaluate opportunities, delegate, deal with setbacks, find fulfillment, and stay focused on what matters. How to structure your business model (soul and heart aligned) moving forward to support your desired life and lifestyle. These are the skills you need to get ahead and make a difference.
  •  People and influence + sales training to help you become more influential with your family, friends, team, and everyone you lead and serve. You’ll learn how to revitalize relationships, persuade others to support you, manage conflict, start movements, and lead with integrity and power. Be a role model for your team, your clients, your family and all those around you.
  • Week 1: Focal Point
  •  Week 2: Clarity
  •  Week 3: Energy
  •  Week 4: Courage
  •  Week 5: Productivity
  •  Week 6: Influence
  • Week 7: Psychology Mastery
  •  Week 8: Physiology Mastery
  •  Week 9: Process
  •  Week 10: Persuasion
  •  Week 11: Purpose
  •  Week 12: Presence
You’ll be part of a FACEBOOK GROUP that will give you a place for 24/7 support, camaraderie, and connection. You’ll have a place to celebrate your wins, keep yourself accountable, and ask for guidance and support.
Plus, get TWO one-on-one high performance coaching sessions with 
Certified High Performance Coach, Shawn Huber.
This is THE CATALYST for your excellence.
Good enough isn’t good enough for you. It’s not good enough for your family, and it’s not good enough for the clients who trust you enough to hire you. 
Pay in Full
Payment Plan
This is THE CATALYST for your excellence.
Good enough isn’t good enough for you. It’s not good enough for your family, and it’s not good enough for the clients who trust you enough to hire you. 
Pay in Full
Payment Plan
Single Payment of
Three Payments of
"I’ve known Shawn Huber for 14 years. We met at O2 Fitness in Chapel Hill, NC and became workout partners afar he invited me to join him during our lunch breaks. He pushed me to my physical and performance limits then and continues to push me to achieve the best version of myself to this day.

I now live in Los Angeles, CA after making the move from NC in 2007 to pursue music as an songwriter, artist and producer. I am still working in the Music Business and have also broken into the Voice-Over world as well. With very few breaks through the years, Shawn and I have set up a weekly Coaching call that has been instrumental in my success.

I admire Shawn’s ability to guide my career and personal life in myriad ways. His knowledge of nutrition and fitness is unparalleled.

His understanding and intuitive advice (it’s sometimes scary how accurate his random thoughts about the future or choices I should make are) has challenged me to look at different perspectives and guided on the path of growth in all areas of my life. Shawn is a great friend, coach and mentor and I know he will always be in my corner."

— Jensen Reed
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